Is Android Actually Succeeding The Windows?

Android is rapidly engulfing the mobile market at high pace. With the each passing day, the market share of android is surpassing others who were happily boasting of their reputation. Web is playing an important role to tout the handsets as well as the Android OS briskly. Android came in the market very swiftly in a very short time and now without making a single drop of racket, it has very well managed to penetrate deeply in the market. Since the android love has swallowed up geeks around, Windows Mobile is getting badly bashed up for being just a dated platform of smartphones. Critics all over the world are dishing out their fair criticism regarding the Windows Mobile realising that they have grown jaded now earlier being great enthusiasts.

If we check out the latest reviews from the “Garner data research”, we will be emancipated from the leftover confusion as to which one is better amongst the two. The research clearly indicates that Android has completely surpassed Windows and thus is proudly moving towards the fourth position with a huge market share of 9.6%. Where other mobiles which were global trendsetters dropped down at some or the other percentage, Android continued to run faster and higher in the rank list with an increase with whooping 8%. This was the time when Windows banged down to the lower rank with 3.4 percent. This is the scenario when the complete cell phone market grew approximately 17 percent as compared to the last year sales. In the present date, Android is responsible for producing most of the current excitement amongst the cell phone aficionados.

However there are lot many features that are shared with both the mobiles and the efficiency rate of the two is being continuously compared but it is true that most of the times Android has managed to maintain its repute and passed with good remarks in most of the exams. If we consider the multi-tasking ability, Android gives a seamless experience with an effectual OS ready to handle all the jobs at the same time. Whereas it seems Windows still needs to travel a long way in this context. Unfortunately Windows lack an app close option and thus are facing huge criticism for this defect. As soon as you leave the apps, they do not shut down but keep running in the background as if ready to poke anytime you wish. Thus it appears to be an undesired feature for most of the users.

However there are few areas of consideration where Windows have still managed to have an upper hand on Android. It is true that android faces few limitations when it comes to apps that are user installed. These apps can be installed only on the system memory which is not enough. Even the mightiest and the greatest Droid that is affluent in all terms apparently furnished with only 256MB. As soon as the complete memory space is consumed, user cannot enjoy the privilege to install additional apps. This it is important to get rid of this insane imitation as users cannot even enjoy to excitement to install a good game in this level of memory availability. However android market is reportedly providing more than 10,000 apps and this is an outstanding achievement for any mobile to present in such short notice.

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