Process Of Software Development

Implementation and Design of the software depends mainly on complexity of software. For example design and implementation of the Microsoft Word software would take much longer time as compared to the designing and development of the Microsoft Notepad. This is mainly because of difference that lies in the functionalities of both the software.

Design and creation of most of the Software usually takes place in some integrated development environments or IDE like Emacs, Microsoft Visual Studio and eclipse. This really simplifies the process of creation and compilation of the program. New software is created usually on the top of some existing software and API or application programming interface that is provided by the underlying software like GTK+, Swing, and JavaBeans. Libraries or APIs can be categorized to carry out different purposes. For example, JavaBeans library can be used to design enterprise applications, while Windows Forms library can be used to design graphical user interface or GUI applications like the Microsoft Word. Besides this, Windows Communication Foundation can be used to design web services.

Most of the computer programming concepts such as quick sort, array, hash table, and binary tree are implemented with the help of software. Software consists of many economic characteristics that can be used in designing, creation, and well as distribution of the economic goods. Person who creates the software is known as the programmer, or a software engineer, or a software developer, or a code monkey.

Execution Of The Computer Software

It is necessary to load Computer software in the storage area of a computer like in the hard drives, RAM or in the memory. Once the software gets loaded, then it becomes easy for the computer to execute the specified software. The task mainly involves passing of the instructions from application software to the system software, through the hardware that can receive all the instructions ultimately as machine code. It is important to note that all the instructions have some effect and therefore causes a computer to perform an operation like moving of the data, carrying out some computation, or altering flow of control of the instructions.

It is important to keep in mind that the movement of data takes place from one memory to the other. Sometimes this task also involves moving of the data between registers and memory that enables data access at high speed in the CPU. Moving the data in large amounts sometimes can be very costly, so this needs to be avoided with the help of “pointers”.

Software Testing

Software testing is considered as the process of carrying out the execution of software in some controlled environment to answer the specific questions like is software behaving in specified way?  The process of Software testing is used mainly with the terms like verification as well as validation. Verification is about checking and testing of the items, for conformance and consistency that is associated with the specification. It has been noticed that the Software testing is just another kind of the verification, that makes use of the techniques like reviews, inspections, analysis, and walkthroughs. Validation can be defined as the process of checking what is specified and what does the user actually want.

The term bug originated in the United States, when pioneering computers were being built out of the valves, and when  series of the previously inexplicable faults got traced to the moths that were flying inside the computer. Software testing is very different from the debugging. it is the process of analyzing as well as locating bugs whenever software is not behaving the way it is expected to do so.

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