The Need Of Anti Virus Software

It is a new excitement for everybody to purchase a new computer. However, this excitement is often hindered by the fact that when you are done with the purchase of your software, you must choose the right kind of software for your computer system. The selection of the software is very important for the proper functioning of your computer system. Generally, people think it as a simple and easy task. They take some video and image editing software and some anti-virus software and most probably some sort of games. However, majority of computer users take this decision with great care. They take their decision based on the suggestion of the clerk at best buy. This thing works well for most of the people. However, quiet often it has been observed that the sales clerks try to sell the more expensive software. This is the case with the anti virus software also.

Any person who is making use of the computer system and internet then they must have the latest version of the anti virus software to provide safety to their computer system. The anti virus software is a must installed software for your computer system as without it you will not be able to do your work without any hindrance. Majority of such programs generally come along with the computer system and are available free of cost on internet, the use of anti-virus software is necessary for uninterrupted as well as safe use of the internet. Anti virus software are very important as far as the security of the computer system is concerned. All your important documents and files are protected with the use of proper anti virus software as these are at high risk of being damaged or lost forever due to the various viruses that are found online.

The question that arises in our mind about the anti virus software is that how it works and provided security to our computer system. This software works in two ways. In the first step the anti virus, software scans the files in your computer system and looks for the virus definitions that match with the virus dictionary that is stored in these anti virus software. If the software detects some matching anti virus then it will alert the user about the virus. The second method of the operation of the anti virus is to identify the virus behavior. For example, port monitoring, data capturing or spy ware. When the anti virus software detects any such kind of suspicious behavior then it starts taking action and cleans the computer of the infected files.

It has now become very common that many kinds of viruses are spread through emails. You might have heard about this in news. Generally these type of infected mails come with the title like “open this link to see a funny video”. When the person opens the video and downloads it then the virus is infected in the computer system. This virus then starts damaging the system and elimination the important files. The best way to minimize these types of threats that are caused by the virus in the computer system is anti virus software. Just as you provide safety to your precious jewelry in the locker and keep the doors of your house shut for the safety of your home, in the same way a good anti virus software is necessary for providing safety to your computer system from different types of virus threats.

You will find that there are some kind of anti virus software that are available free of cost on internet. You can download them in your computer system for safety. The trusted names in this field are McAfee and Norton etc. the major companies in the field of the anti virus software provide for regular updates of their software applications along with the release of the more dangerous viruses. Although it is true that these kind of anti virus software can not provide 100 percent security from all kind of virus threats but one thing is certain that having these type of anti virus software and other types of anti virus programs in the computer system can be highly beneficial in reducing the risks that are associated with the attacks of viruses on the computer system.

However just as any other thing there is some element of conspiracy involved with the anti virus software. Just think that if all kind of viruses can be eliminated with the help of anti virus software then what will be the need of free anti virus software or purchased anti virus software. Some people believe that the companies that deal in computer security system are benefited with the spread of virus and therefore they actually hire virus writers. But there is no valid proof of this statement. But keeping all these things apart, one thing is certain that a good anti virus program is a must for protecting the computer from the possible attacks of viruses.

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