Tomorrow, the Browser is King

The browser that you are using now will have a much bigger role in the future. How big you may ask? Well how about the browser taking over much of the roles of the operating system! The browser will also have a much more pervasive presence and a much broader functionality. Read on and find out if you agree with much of the things being said here.

Because the browser will be used in a lot of contexts, experts are saying that the user interface will become more innovative. For example, browsers will be used in cars, from navigation, to selecting radio stations, and playing music stored somewhere in the cloud. In this setting, taking your hands off the wheel to manipulate the browser is dangerous. Innovations in the user interface, like the use of gestures and speech recognition will become commonplace. Although some form of speech recognition already exists, expect something more sexy and sophisticated in the years to come. Sophisticated cameras and motion sensors make it possible to communicate to the browser using gestures. For example, those who are reading newspapers on the browser of tomorrow will simply have to wave their hands across the browser’s screen, mimicking how readers today flip pages on books and magazines.

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Facing the Issues of the iOS 4.0 Multitasking Capabilities

Apple has continuously brought some of the best applications for its products over the years and yet another is being introduced that maximizes the multi-tasking capability of any iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, and iPhone 4. This is the iOS 4.0 and it is bringing, to the user, the capability of the iPhone to enable the running of several applications, or apps, simultaneously as well as keeping other open apps suspended until closed by the iPhone user. This ultimately helps the user run apps (especially those compatible to this new feature) by reducing the opening and closing of new apps one at a time. Instead, it leaves them open and running and you can shift from one to another with more smooth movements.

Since it is created for the iPhone, it allows for one-handed operation. It basically works like this: when you have iOS 4.0 installed, all you have to do is the go to the Home button and double-click it. This will open up a bar for multi-tasking while your entire screen scrolls up and a translucent screen conceals it. On the multi-tasking bar, expect to see the apps that you have used, and they will also show on the bar in the sequence that you used them, making for easier scrolling and tapping to re-open them.

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Androids and Apples: Are they Even Comparable?

Although the release of the iPhone by Apple and the eventual release of the equally-competent Android has brought about much debate about which is better, in the end, one would ask ‘Are they even comparable?’ They may be catering to the same kind of market, but they each have their particular unique features that make them stand apart from one another.

With the increase in options that a consumer can have in terms of the smartphone market, there is a whole camaraderie of products to choose from, try, and switch to. It’s a wonderful world because the competition basically makes the development of each and every product so much more capable of doing what we want it to so, and just when we thought it would end there, something even better comes along!

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Add New Life to your Laptop

There are simple things that you, the owner of a one year old laptop, can do to breathe new life into your computer so that it feels like one of those spanking new machines on display. Aside from adding zip and zest into your computer, there is software that you can install that makes it possible to recover your laptop in the unlikely event that it gets lost.

A very effective way to make your computer crash less is to make sure that the system is updated. Drivers are being constantly updated every time bug fixes and performance enhancements are discovered. These fixes, once downloaded into your computer, will always result to a better computing experience. To make sure that your computer receives all the necessary updates, just open Windows Update in the Control Panel.

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Zone Alarm Internet Security Suite – Solid Performance at a Reasonable Price

Modern versions of security suites for computers must be able to deliver five essential services and these are virus protection, firewall, protection from spam, and protection from phishing. Of the many brands of security suites that are being sold, Zone Alarm Internet Security Suite has been delivering the same consistent high quality protection for years already. Zone Alarm has been one of the pioneers in personal computer firewalls and if used properly, offers outstanding protection to threats and malware that are found online.

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Eset Smart Security 4: More than Adequate Protection and Ease of Use

Computing in today’s highly connected world demands that any user should protect themselves adequately from malicious threats that are out there in the wilds of the internet. In 2009 alone, more threats emanating from the internet were created by hackers compared to the combined output of the past 20 years. A class of software, popularly called security suites, offers a wide range of protection to computers and to their users. Aside from protecting the computer from unauthorized execution and changes to software, security suites, perhaps more importantly, protect user data from the prying eyes of outsiders.

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A Review of 2010’s Trend Micro Internet Security Pro

With the continued testing of the latest and upcoming anti-virus software hitting the market, the 2010 version of Trend Micro Internet Security Pro has its ups and downs. It will be up to the user to figure out if this is the suite for them. What makes the Trend Micro Internet Security Pro stand out on the outset is its relatively affordable price at seventy dollars, along with its attractive and very easy to use operational interface.

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A Review of 2010’s F-Secure Internet Security Anti-Virus System

Upon the testing of a different slew of anti-virus systems that have made their way to the public market in 2010, a few have stood out. This review is on F-Secure Internet Security that made it to the market at a most affordable price of only fifty dollars. With a high performance in terms of detecting malware infections that were active on a computer, the accuracy made it up to 93 percent overall. Of the infections, as much as 53 percent was eradicated, which is pretty high when it is compared to the regular anti-virus suites out there.

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Windows 7 and the Mobile Environment

While Windows 7 has received critical acclaim on the desktop, its mobile counterpart, Windows Phone 7 has received very little media coverage. This is understandably so because the release of the new operating system is somewhat vague when they describe it with terms like “this year’s holiday season”, or “the last quarter”. In the 2010 TechEd Conference which was held at New Orleans, more than 6,000 developers and IT professionals attended the event. The focus of the event was on the Windows Azure platform which is really Microsoft’s foray into cloud computing. While nothing concrete was discussed on Windows Phone 7 as an operating system, the software company discussed how the mobile Operating System incorporates into cloud computing, and how the Windows Phone Marketplace will be used to browse, purchase and download mobile phone applications.

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