Add New Life to your Laptop

There are simple things that you, the owner of a one year old laptop, can do to breathe new life into your computer so that it feels like one of those spanking new machines on display. Aside from adding zip and zest into your computer, there is software that you can install that makes it possible to recover your laptop in the unlikely event that it gets lost.

A very effective way to make your computer crash less is to make sure that the system is updated. Drivers are being constantly updated every time bug fixes and performance enhancements are discovered. These fixes, once downloaded into your computer, will always result to a better computing experience. To make sure that your computer receives all the necessary updates, just open Windows Update in the Control Panel.

If you want to have more fun while using your computer, Camspace will make your computer recognize gestures as a means to manipulate objects on the computer screen. There is also EyeTwig which is able to translate head as a means of pointing and clicking on objects.

Another useful thing that anyone can install into their laptop is a utility called Computrace LoJack for Laptops. The location of lost or stolen laptops can be traced when someone uses it online. The software uses IP addresses as a means to narrow down the location of the lost computer. Other types of theft prevention software could be installed in the BIOS of the computer which means that the application will still work even if the hard disk gets reformatted. As a last recourse, the software could even erase the data stored in your computer.

Sometimes you do not need to buy a new computer in order to have a faster machine. There are parts that can be replaced that could improve the computer’s performance. Memory, or RAM, is a user replaceable part that can make a big difference in computing performance. It is possible to exchange your RAM with faster, low latency memory chips that won’t put a drain into your battery life. Another thing that can be replaced is your hard drive. Solid state hard drives are able to access data and software faster than your old hard disk. Remember, a hard disk is a mechanical device that has a read/write head that needs to be positioned on top of the data. Solid state disks are purely electronic and they have very fast access times. Although solid state disks are more expensive and have smaller capacities than mechanical hard drives, wider market acceptance (i.e. economies of scale) will make electronic drives cheaper in the future.

If you r computer can’t connect to other devices, you can buy interface cards that makes it possible to add additional ports. USB 3, WI-FI, Bluetooth, and Ethernet can be added to your system using expansion ports like the ExpressCard slot.

Another thing that you can buy to improve computing performance is a battery made by a third party that has a higher capacity than your old power pack. Just make sure that the battery you buy is brand new because it is well known that second hand batteries, even though they have higher capacities, may already have deteriorated thus hold less charge.

There is no need to buy a new laptop in order to have a faster computer. There is software that you can install to make your computer more fun to use and more responsive. Computers also have user replaceable parts that add new life and pep into your laptop. Nowadays, upgrading your computer not only makes more sense financially, it is also more in tune with the rising concern of electronic waste and their effect on the environment.

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