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Media player is a basic requirement of any PC, laptop or other devices. Until and unless you are not well loaded with a proper and efficient Media Player, you cannot dream of enjoying your movies at fullest, getting most out of the favourite Medias you want to enjoy. These days market is overloaded with immense options in this category but you ought to make a through check before getting involved in any deal. A complete research will lead you to the positive end with complete knowledge of all the products regulating in the market and at the same time you can get pretty sure to which particular version will solve all your purposes. In case you do not conduct a research and go out blindly, the chances are more likely to lead you towards a bad deal and thus waste of time as well as money. Hence be sure of taking all preventive measures and wear your raincoat before going out in rain.

If we check out the old classics, we will come to know that VLC has always turned out to be the safest and most preferred choice of majority users. VLC is simply great in all terms. It is easy to install and easy to use. At the same time it is a grand GUI! Not only the windows users do not miss an opportunity to include it in their collection but Linux users are also complete fan of this mind blasting software. All the critics worldwide will suggest you to go with VLC media player if you searching out which one to choose amongst QuickTime, Real Player, Classic Windows Player and VLC.

Apart from these classic versions, you can also choose to move further with the advancing technology and opt to go with portable media player options. The portable media players are ready to bang the market and most preferred by the users worldwide. If we check out the reviews, we will come to know that Sony W Series is ruling the market with the latest water-resistant model drained in the market. It is so easy and convenient to use that it promises to be a part of your daily necessities. If you are off to walking, jogging, and skiing or simply you are an active person; this is the best choice for you to pass off a hassle free life listening to your favourite tunes whenever you wish to.

Then you have other option such as “The Gadgeteer” proposed by Eton Solarlink. The battery of this mighty player gets recharged with the help of solar energy and if you do not wish to take this much pain, you are supplied with an adapter too. You can easily crank on with this amazing piece of gadget. The other models include FINIS extreme that is again a waterproof player with 1GB memory. The best part of this player is the fact that it is compatible to be a USB charger and hence you can explore better options to get it charged anytime. You can also get informed with Coby 2GB player well formulated with FM, Apple iPod Nano supplied with 8GB memory status and many more other models. It completely depends on your choice and preferences as to which one you choose to be your closest pal amongst all the options available.

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