Motorola’s New 2 GHz Android’s Powered Phone is Ready for the Future

The CEO of electronics giant Motorola recently announced news that is sure to send shivers amongst its competitors. Sanjay Jha, in a presentation made at Chicago, said that a 2GHz Android powered smartphone is in the works and should hit the markets before the year ends.

What made the announcement newsworthy is that current line of smartphones have specs that run at 1 GHz only, and this is true of products of other current market leaders which include the HTC’s EVO 4G and Apple’s iPhone 4. What Motorola anticipates is that with the increased power, not only those casual smartphone users will find the increased capabilities appealing but the businesses will as well, where there is a legitimate need for such power.

The smartphone is the next big thing in mobile computing. Experts foresee a future where laptops will play a lesser role in the corporation and smartphones will  take their place. With a 2 GHz rating, the smartphones will have an acceptable level of performance when they are used in resource intensive applications like video-conferencing and other business oriented tools like accessing and updating corporate databases. Users will find out that they are able to multitask effortlessly and smoothly switch between applications that are executing on the phone.

The reported specs for the new Motorola phone reads like it comes from a full pledged computer instead of a handheld device. Its graphic processor is said to be powered by Nvidia Tegra with full Flash 10.1 hardware acceleration. With such powerful graphics hardware, the smartphone is said to be capable of high-definition display and a 720p output.

Aside from high end hardware, the Android operating system will allow it to be customized to suit the needs of owners. Google will soon announce the release of Android 2.2 and such an announcement will market the phone as suitable for corporate tasks. Improvements and new features of the OS include remote wipe that can be accessed by administrators, user friendly password settings, auto-account discovery, and globally available addresses important for e-mailing through the smartphone.

While we cannot review a real Motorola 2GHz Android powered smartphone, we are eagerly anticipating its release this year and will see how it impacts the market.

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