New Version of Ashampoo MyAutoplay Menu

Ashampoo  released the new version 1.0.3 of Ashampoo MyAutoplay Menu. Use for: Multimedia discs with navigation menus, demo and incentive discs, portable application collections on thumb drives, unusual gifts and more…

When you insert a commercial program disc it will often start automatically with a graphical menu that lets you make choices like installing a program, displaying a web page, viewing documentation or information material and so on. Building these discs and menus manually is a lot of work and requires programming skills – and even if you have the skills it takes a long time.

Ashampoo MyAutoplay Menu takes all the work out of building Autoplay discs with a simple point-and-click interface. And it includes CD and DVD burning so that you can create your finished discs without leaving the program.

– Build your own CDs, DVDs or USB thumb drives that run on insertion – include any programs or content you want
– Create a multi-page interactive user control interface that runs as a stand-alone application or displays in a web browser
– Includes CD/DVD burning functions with Ashampoo`s advanced disc burning technology
– User-designable splash screen for automatic display
– Add background music or sounds that play once or loop while the menu is open
– Add buttons for navigation and functions (switch between menu pages, start programs, open files and folders, display web pages, send email, quit etc.)
– Advanced graphical menu editor with background images, images, buttons, geometric shapes, text, circular text (text on a curve), tables etc.
– Live preview function – test the finished menu directly with full functionality before building
– Acquire images: Load images directly from a scanner, camera, Windows clipboard, the Internet, files or other sources
– Selection of predesigned themes and button layouts for your menus, splash screens and buttons
– Animated transitions between menu screens
– Use your own icons for the program and the disc/thumb drives

ashampoo MyAutoplay

Download MyAutoplay Menu here!

Version: 1.0.3
Software: Shareware
Platform: Win XP, Win Vista™, Win 7
Size: 16,84 MB
Language: English, German, Dutch, French, Hungarian, Russian, Polish, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, Czech, Chinese (simplified), Bulgarian, Portuguese (Brazilian), Hebrew, Arabic, Dansk, Greek, Slovakian, Armenian, Byelorussian, Persian, Kazakhstan

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