The Disadvantages Of Windows 7

There are so many good features in windows 7 that make you love it such as great looks, fast speed, home group for the sharing of files between different computers, jump lists for the quick opening of files that have been used recently, aero snap for quick organizing of the desktop windows that are open. But there are some problems also with this operating system. For example, there are lots of notifications and it is difficult to find device drivers for the printers as well as other peripherals. But still it is a fact that Windows 7 has many improved features as compared to vista. We will now discuss the some of the disadvantages of Windows 7.

The first difficulty that we face with windows 7 is that when in this operating system clicking does not mean switching. Take for an example- when we multiple tabs in the internet explorer 8 with OS 7 and then open a word document. Now when you will click on the icon of internet explorer in your taskbar then you will not switch over to the internet explorer as expected. Instead of it, you will see miniature pop-ups of each tab that you had opened earlier and it will ask you to choose one of the programs. This feature of the Windows 7 is called as aero peek and we are not used to this feature. So it is the first difficulty that we face with Windows 7.

The second difficulty with the Windows 7 is again related to the aero peek function. It happens this way that when you move the pointer of your mouse over any pop-ups then you will find yourself in that new program when in actual you are not there. When you will move the cursor over the popup then the related application will fill the screen but when you will move the cursor from the pop up to the application that you are currently using then the pop up application will disappear. This feature of the Windows 7 is more frustrating then helpful.

Another problem with the use of Windows 7 is that there are so many notifications. Although the number of notifications are less then the Vista but still there are many unwanted notifications. Such as when you attach a headphone with your computer then you will be notified about it. Now it is a fact that no virus can enter your system when you attach a headphone with it. So what is the need of notification? There are much these kinds of unnecessary notifications that interrupt with your work.

One another disadvantage of the Windows 7 is the Windows Live. There are some basic programs that are bundled in free download in the Windows 7 that is called as Windows Live Essentials. The programs that are included in it include moviemaker, messenger, windows live mail, photo gallery etc. these programs are not included in Windows 7 but they are available as download. In this way, it adds an extra step to the initial set up process of the Windows 7.

These were some of the difficulties with the Windows 7.


  • noushal

    I am using windows 7 home (64bit),i have some problem in my operating system if am using international calling sofyware (action viop)when am tying to open that wind0w i can open but i can not call properly,some message woill come solve the problem via internet i try to solve the problem but i could not solve the problem so please inform me how to fix the problem


  • john

    i am using windows 7 home edition (64bit), and i have counter many problem such as not compatible software installation, usb drive interfacing with omron or mitsubishi PLC programmer cannot recognize eventhough i manually install it. compare to xp very easy and fast. please inform me how to fix it. i can’t format my windows 7 due to still under warantty.

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