Google Not so Concerned with Microsoft in the Realm of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing today really has only one important player and that is Google. The internet giant who defined what online search should be has already been into cloud computing since 2007 when it launched Google Apps as a business service. In its inception, there were nine different applications that anyone could access from the internet. The most prominent application that forms part of Google Apps is Google Mail or Gmail. An exciting feature of Google Apps is an online office suite, which is essentially a form of software as a service, or better known by its palindrome acronym SaaS. Google Docs and Spreadsheet were the first apps that Google released into the cloud and today are the state of the art in online office productivity software.

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Microsoft’s Road Map for Business Intelligence

The general manager for Microsoft’s SQL Server Business Intelligence was in Singapore recently to confer with the regional Chief Information Officers (CIOs) in Southeast Asia. Tom Casey is also responsible for charting Microsoft’s direction towards Business Intelligence or BI. The recent trip served only to underscore the importance of Southeast Asia and China to the Seattle based corporation. Tom remarked that while the rest of the world has been undergoing gradual IT modernization, the East Asian Region has been leapfrogging it, making giant leaps from ad-hoc solutions to modern standardized infrastructure. Tom Casey wants to capture the market that matters the most, which consists of the financial and the public sectors.

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International Data Corporation Predicts 15% Growth in APEJ Market

The International Data Corporation has seen the region of the Asia Pacific excluding Japan, or APEJ for short, as an area for rapid growth in this current year. The growth of this region may experience growth of up to 15.4 percent!

The International Data Corporation, also known as IDC, is basically a research organization that studies the trends in information technology in terms of events, advice, market movement, telecoms, and all kinds of consumer technologies making up the whole IT world. Although the APEJ saw a decrease by two percent in 2009, 2010 promises a much more productive year in terms of enterprise applications software development and sales.

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Increased Risks in Driving Computerized Cars

With this new era that brings computerized cars into everyone’s lives, the risks are also increased with the use of them. These risks come in the form of illegal tracking, distraction of drivers, and even computer hacking.

It is a fact that since cars have more computerized parts, they contain a lot of programming code that exceeds the code found in a regular space shuttle! This means that each car’s computerized system is basically equal to 30 computers! With more computerized cars on the road, this also means more vehicle-to-vehicle communications and external vehicle-to-traffic infrastructure communications that will surely pose threats to many consumers and users of these cars. This is something everyone should be concerned about, warns the International Business Machines (IBM).

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Usage of Software as a Service Continues to Rise

Increased availability of high speed internet connection makes software subscription a viable alternative to acquire a legal right to use software. The dominant mode of software licensing is the EULA or End User License Agreement where the buyer of the license even pays for the times when the software is not used. Supporters of software subscription or Software as a Service (SaaS) argue that it is better to pay for the software only on those instances when they are used. They contrast software whose licenses follow the EULA or on premises model where buyers of the license even pay for the software even though the computer is turned off.

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The First Steps In Trying Out Google Voice

Google Voice is a new management service for phones conceptualized and created by the innovative minds behind Google. Testing was previously done by Google which did it through exclusive invitations of Google users worldwide. The service is simple, it helps an individual centralize the lines and phones that he uses and allow him to manage it all on one number. This customizable service makes the application enjoyable to use and fun to maintain according to your own tastes and methods of organization.

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Protecting your Data and Preventing It from Reaching the Larger Market

When Can Your Data Reach the Market?

If you are selling your old PC or laptop, this is one major way that your personal data will end up on the market, simply because you didn’t clean out your old unit properly. Simson Garfinkel, a security specialist and author, did his own little research on how easily data could be transferred from person to person through old and used units. Off eBay alone, he was able to buy hard drives that were second hand from different organizations and businesses. These included medical centers and banks. From both he collected tens of thousands of credit card numbers and a little under a thousand PINs from the second hand drives alone.

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Microsoft Still Lagging in Terms of In-the-Cloud Applications Development

With Google’s development of their in-the-cloud applications and even operating system, they still have to stand up to industry contenders such as Apple and Microsoft who have captured a huge part of the market over the past decades. Google and Microsoft are contenders in most all levels which range from operating systems, office applications, browsers, and search engines. The biggest difference is, Google has a good window into the future and has seen the future in online connectivity.

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