Google Chrome 9: A New Version For Patching Up The Computer Bags

Google is one of the most famous and successful search engines. Chrome is a type of browser, which separates various system processes that appears in a sandbox. A sand box is a specialized technology used to protect the computer system from malware attacks from getting into the applications.

One of the applications targeted by hackers is the Chrome. Computer hackers send malwares, viruses and worms to attack the computer system through chrome. Chrome is often targeted by computer criminals to steal data from the hard drive. Recently, Google Company came out with a system for fixing bug that infects the Chrome including the sand box.

Chrome 9 versions are new systems that automatically scrap off any bugs that seek to attack the sand box.  Google’s intention for upgrading Chrome 9 is to support the Web GL.  Web GKL is an application programming interface which makes the hardware’s 3D graphics to work faster, independent of the plug-ins. The idea behind this invention is to lure more clients to use the browser applications.  Google’s approach for fixing 9 flaws is aimed at crashing the bug threat, which is sent into the system.

This move came about as a preventive measure to strengthen the Google chrome from external threats. It came about, after the French security firm by the name of Vupen raised alarm over the bugs. It reiterated that chrome’s sandbox has become vulnerable to attacks and exploitation. It is due to sandbox’s vulnerability that led Google to come up with ways of patching up the chrome.

The results were tremendous. It produced immediate results by fixing up 16 bugs which were hiding inside the system. The patching up of the sandbox has strengthened the chrome’s capacity to cope with external threats coming into the computer system.

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