Verizon Lte and Sprints Wimax- The Speedy Networks That You Need

Verizon LTE and Sprints WiMax are a fourth generation networks (4G) from the sprints WiMax company and which have their roots in global systems for mobile telecommunications systems. These networks use the wireless technology and have a 700MHz band for the radio frequency spectrum.

This is a wide range of network coverage compared to the previous third generation network. The 4G network also has a theoretical speed that goes over 100Mbit per second.  The sprints WiMax itself has an operating band of 2.5 GHz with a theoretical peak download speed of 128Mbit per second. When compared, you realize that the 4G service has a higher speed compared to the original 3G.

Verizon LTE 4G and sprints WiMax are powerful network providers whose coverage is wide. Although the Verizon LTE 4G Company launched its services in December 2010, it has been able to give its services to parts of the US although less has been done.

This is because many of the parts in US are wired with the 3G network but with time, the 4G network will have covered many parts of the country. Its services are currently supplied in United States alone but the company wishes to extend its services with time to compete with other networking services.

The LTE and WiMax which both use the 4G technologies have an internet protocol-based networks which use the orthogonal frequency division multiplexing access technology. These technologies are mainly built for data trafficking.

If you need to connect to the 4G network, you are required to have a 4G capable phone or a 4G modem for your laptop or computer. You then plug it into the computers USB port as you follow the instructions that are given to you. The Verizon LTE 4G and WiMax are upcoming networks which are powerful with very high working speeds. This is the network you need to connect with since it is cheap and very reliable.

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