World Record Of Downloading FireFox 4

In second day after launching Firefox 4,  Mozilla  software has received the highest numbers of downloading hits in all over the world so far and set a new record.

During last 24 hours of Wednesday to early morning of Thursday, the users have downloaded about 8.75 million copies of the latest browser – an up tick from the 7.1 million logs by the Firefox 4 in its launching day.

Tally broke the record last week of Firefox 3.0, which established in mid- of 2008. At that time, the software was downloaded more than 8 million times in first day of launching. Then Mozilla celebrated “Download Day” all over the world and that was recorded in Guinness Book Of  World Records.

After all,  Mozilla able to launch latest and final version of Firefox 4 at around 6:30 a.m. PT Tuesday, which took more than one year for its planning, designing and development.

This achievement of creating new limits of downloading is not yet confirmed officially, that Firefox 4 has broken the record of Firefox 3. One representative of Guinness monitored the download servers to check the numbers of download.

One of the important tasks of Firefox is to check the downloading of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 9. In last week, about 8.75 million downloaded for Firefox, which was near about four times the 2.4 million Microsoft touted in week before.

One analyst did not get surprised through this information, because it took many months for developing this software and launching this product, which could have been done earlier. That will be more worthy for all users, saves time, and saves money.

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