Advanced SystemCare 4 Is Released!

The famous security and optimization program publisher, IObit has recently released the new version of their Advanced SystemCare 4. This new version is the updated and upgrade one of their previous program named Advanced SystemCare 3. The new version has received major makeovers in terms of look, user interface, skins, technological capabilities, processing time, speed and programming.

The IObit has deployed one of the most advanced skills based pool of human resources to craft up the program that will work beyond the traditional definition of anti-virus or anti-malware program. Like their initial plan, the ASC4 is going to set its marks as one of the most prominent and strong anti-malware program.

As per its coding and programming capabilities, it will search computer system resources right from their root directories. Any kind of threats to your system will be guarded with ASC4. The program also got some customization features like quick scan and comprehensive scan. On its specialty aspect, the program got turbo boost, speed up optimizers, cleaners, threat remover and vulnerability fixer. The standalone quality aspect of the ASC4 is kept in its abilities of maintaining system integrity. Till today we have came across programs that offer protection and prevention of the system. Now you are going to get protection, prevention and integrity of system resource for the first time. The integrity or vulnerability fix it going to be the measures essential in running your computer in optimum level.

The new release is free to download and the news from the publisher confirmed that price will still remain low. The main consideration for users is in the trending of operating system. With recent rapid operating system variations and considering the upcoming trend of the next generation operating system, you are less likely to get a security and optimization program. ASC4 is just for the futuristic people who thinks beyond borders. The program uses less than 30 MB of your disk space and is available for free download on our download website here.



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