Ashampoo Photo Converter

Ashampoo Photo Converter is a perfect tool to edit hundreds of photos in just one go. Customize the size of the photos, rotate, correct automatically, save them in one of several new formats or protect the photos with your watermark.

There`s no need to load, edit and then save every single photo. Let Ashampoo Photo Converter do the job for you and save precious time.

Moreover, in the clearly organized user interface you will find other useful options such as change of color depth, automatic gamma correction, application of effects (drop shadow, blur, sharpen, border) and lots more.

Download Ashampoo Photo Converter here!

Edit no longer only one picture – edit all pictures!

Download Ashampoo Photo Converter here!

Functions at a glance:



– One-click conversion of any number of photos

– Conversion into up 18 different image formats

– The original file date is kept



– Resize images (units: pixels, percent, centimetres, inches)

– Mirror, flip and rotate

– Adjustment of the color depth

– Adjustment of the RGB order



– Gamma, brightness and contrast correction

– Add watermark



– Automatic contrast optimization

– Automatic color optimization

– Sharpen image



– Blur

– Sharpen

– Border

– Drop Shadow

– Grayscale

– Invert colors

Download Ashampoo Photo Converter here!

Version: 1.0.0

Software:  Shareware

Platform:  Win XP, Win Vista™, Win 7

Size:  12,31 MB

Language:  German, English, Dutch, French, Hungarian, Polish, Norwegian, Portuguese,

Spanish, Chinese (simplified), Bulgarian, Ukrainian, Portuguese (Brazilian), Portuguese

(Brazilian), Hebrew, Chinese (traditional), Arabic, Dansk, Rumanian, Finnish, Georgian

Download Ashampoo Photo Converter here!

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