FireFox 6.0 And 7.0 Will Go For Testing This Year!

Firefox 6.0 and Firefox 7.0 are now ready for testing in mid April and mid May 2011, respectively. Several things have been changed in these latest versions during the upgrading process. In order to accelerate the performance and to maintain quality of the product, the latest version is becoming more user friendly. Now, the Firefox users can take breath after hearing this news and wait for couple of days to get this latest version software.

According to Mozilla, the proposed time schedule of newly developed software Firefox 6.0 will be tested first and the Firefox 7.0 will be tested soon after the first one.

A repository system, Mozilla Aurora, has been introduced to the browser which is crafted on open source vendor platform. A spokeperson from Mozilla, Legnitto, has confirmed that mozilla–central will be mainly dealing with “general development, project repository merges.” Where Mozilla-aurora will be working on “preffing off and backing out fixes and features, this is the main channel exposes as trouble making for large number of audience. “

Vendor of Mozilla will be responsible for dealing with the fixes and newly found issues in these developed versions. They will resolve these issues before final release and in extreme cases blackouts.

Mozilla-release will be responsible for releasing the latest version of the browser. Mozilla-release   reserved the rights for releasing these latest versions according to their desire. Meanwhile Mozilla had prepared a plan or schedule for releasing their latest version Firefox in 6 weeks. The detailed plan of releasing Firefox is stated below:

Firefox 6.0 could be released on mid of April, 2011 this indicates that it will release within couple of days. The newly developed adopter for this latest version software will be tested at the same time. Firefox 7.0 may be released on May 17, 2011.

Firefox 5.0 may be released in June or early part of July 2011 with latest version of browser will be faster than the existing one.


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