Google Map for Android Is Ready To Download Now!

Just few minutes back the updated 5.3.0 version of Google maps for Android has been released with some exceptional and pretty new features. The Android will have new features for their extra-ordinary performance and easy operating system.

Among the new features, Location History dashboard is unique one by its own performance.  Through this system visualizing trends of interest on preferred location history will be easy for the user. More importantly this can be done on your computer screen at by using a personal dashboard. The dashboard can be seen in your phone through tapping location from latitude profile.

From now, you can also see how far you have to travel to reach your destination. In addition, you can also estimate your total time for day including how much time you will spent for work, how much spent at home and how much for outside movement. This is fantastic feature for the professionals, businessperson and any other group for better time management. You can easily download from your computer to your phone. There is option for deleting any location history from your phone using manage history tab.

The new updated version Google is suitable for hotspot users. These category users can rating their own reviews through using Google Maps. They can see easily what are happing in certain place from a distance place using these maps.

Google Map’s Geolocation service is another new important feature of Google latitude updated version 5.3.0. The enable latitude in map will help you to use location history for latitude; you can also see your latitude history in your dashboard through mobile phone. This is very incredible and exciting to any one. You can see your past visited locations through Google Maps and earth. Besides these, these updated versions you will be to know to your nearest and dearest about your where about.

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