IE9 RTW Facebook Rendering Issues Fixed

Users were anxiously waiting for getting a powerful and user friendly latest updated version of Internet Explorer 9. After released of the final version of Internet Explorer 9 a good number of users reported frequently about its performance and services.  The technical unit of Microsoft reviewed this issues and have able to identify some problems with some specific brand users like IE8 and old adopter users. While using with beta release candidate development and subsequently jump to RTW, these are also facing theses problems.

The design mechanism of IE9 model was found wrong. The latest version IE9 have been designed and developed based on idea of IE6 and IE7. These ideas were not fully accumulate and transfer into new model. As a result, this latest mode IE9 getting problems in rendering services to their valuable users and customers.  Most recently, some of the customers reported that they are facing lot of problems with Facebook after improvement of IE9 RTM, this issue cause huge reduction of  users from visiting Microsoft customer center.

Some of customers reported that the Facebook had been provided tremendous services to the users while using Beta or RC or IE8. Now, they are not competent enough to provide services with this latest version. Facebook itself does not want to go to in to CV list and users also does not want to see them in CV list.

The compatibility view features of final version of IE9 are working in accordance with   view list compatibility provided by Microsoft.  Microsoft has prepared a list of all sites which causing problems with Internet Explorer 9. In this latest version of IE9 they do not incorporate default rendering mode, instead of this they have used modes for IE6 and IE7 with a great expectation that they will provide quality services. Meanwhile, Facebook has added the computability view list for their specific users.

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