Microsoft Is After Web Crawler To Index Excel Data!

The head of Project Barcelona from Microsoft has recently announced that they are going to respond soon to the growing gigantic business data of enterprises managing needs with a web crawler. Andrew Conrad informed that the brand is after developing an API query that will be able to soak all data stored in excel online for enterprises to quickly assist businesses in their processing and decision making. It will create a metadata information server to facilitate businesses find what they need from the numbers.

There is no doubt that data is expanding every moment whether its user lives in corporate or household level. This is making data management complicated. And unless one can categories the data and carefully conduct observation on the characteristics of numeric data, it is lot difficult to reach an idea of getting a web crawler developed to index them. However a clue is left for developers from such numeric and statistical data. And that is standard of storing such information and data.

Individuals and corporate practice and maintain some standards for their online information storage. Microsoft is going to utilize these secret to develop their crawler API. It does not mean that the brand is actually going to use them in raw form or gifted. What they found out is absence of uniformity in statistical data storage online. Microsoft is going to get their web crawler developed for excel or access for enterprise uses by giving the data storage uniformity that is indexable and has better managing features.

The Project Barcelona has recently been launched and on its introductory note, the researcher added that all the enterprise data management tool whether it is Excel for now or Access or SharePoint will be covered eventually. It would not be very long for the web crawler to appear on the horizon!


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