ROR Getting HTTP Integrated!

Yea, you read the headline correct. Even though it seems very promising web development platform, it got certain limitation that is getting developers stuck everyday. The developer is now going to release the latest edition of Ruby On Rails 3.0.7 this week and it is coming with potentially some major modifications that kept developers haunted for days. The growing disappointment all the web developers have faced over last days was Ruby On Rails greater inability of HTTP streaming. This is now coming to an end and developers now can get the support easily.

Page performance was always an issue for web developers however with a recent post on their blog, the Rails people have confirmed major streaming capabilities enhanced soon and JavaScript to stay as the default library as JQuery. For the new changes, or I better say it updates, browsers will easily fetch cascade style sheets other scripts based on java. It will make all ROR pages to load on browser faster.

According to the Ruby On Rails Founder DH Hansson the HTTP streaming makes fetching aggressive enough even before the server process the same request. This significantly cuts the time of processing and loading. The JQuery default java script library was though previously there for advanced users as Ruby To JavaScript but now it is made much reachable by other users of varying skills in the Rails 3.0.7 version, going to be released this week.

The note also pointed that the dominant change they made in Ruby On Rails 3.0.7 is the capability to fix performance regression in Active Record. The lacking of usage as database record that limited Ruby On Rails mass adoption, is addresses in this version. The developer also mentioned that there are other works going on with Ruby On Rails and it will receive significant changes over time in near future.



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