You Can Now Replace Your Windows 8 Toolbar With A Ribbon

After necessary changes Windows 8 operating system have released just few hours before, every body wants to know how this latest version of Windows has designed and developed for their customers. How much this will be user friendly? Are this newly designed Windows will be able to provide optimum support to the users? The users are looking for answers of these questions through using this new version Windows 8.

It is assumed that the Microsoft altered the toolbar of explorer window with the Ribbon user interface, which is used in MS office programs, including Excel, Power point and word.

Whenever you logged in, you will see the major remarkable changes to Windows is the latest Ribbon interface on each window Explorer. In this stage, Ribbon UI seems to be very confused, and it does not seem to be work properly. It is difficult to say how much effectively and successfully this switch will work.  There is lot of disagreement within the Windows regarding the use of new interface. These disagreement needs to be resolved through necessary changes for comfortable using.

It is not yet clear to all users that this latest designed Windows 8 is suitable or applicable for currently using all devices. The newly build Windows 8 has dash for returning to toolbar and we are very much familiarized with the earlier menu. But we are not clear that this will be the final version of Windows 8 or it is temporary solution and well designed Ribbon will come out later.

It is might be said here that the Windows 8 has developed earlier without some necessary features like specialized support tablet. It is still in  making process. Though it comes earlier in the market, we may say that Windows 8 will bring exciting changes to the OS. 


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