IEZone Analyzer 3 – Administer Internet Explorer Security Zones Easily

There are several settings in the Internet explorer security zones. They allow you to control your system and website activities. You can find them in the catalogs and sometimes it can be so difficult to detect some errors. However, this is achieved by the use of IEZone Analyzer 3. This program will provide an option of Internet in its security zone box. The only thing you need to do is to click on the View Effect Settings and you will receive the configurations in a single dialog. It contains restriction settings and some options on where you want to save your files.

You can easily compare IE security settings by the use of IEZone Analyzer without any problem. This program can assist you to save your settings and compare them with the others. This is by the use of “file>Export Local Settings” procedure. This method can assist you in monitoring IE installation at a specific time.  The saved settings can be named baseline and after a month, you can compare baseline settings with the current settings by the use of IEZone Analyzer. You will be able to notice if someone has interfered with your settings. Interfered settings will be highlighted instantly and you will make some changes. This program allows you to compare some settings for a particular IE security zone.

For Microsoft’s templates, there are default values that can be selected:

  • There is High security.
  • There is Medium high.
  • We have Medium.
  • There is Medium low.
  • Lastly, there is Low security.

To see the settings you have made whether high or low. Select the high security template and compare it with your local settings. You will be able to receive your results immediately. You need to have this tool in order to understand the Internet explorer’s settings security. It is cheaper and you can have it anywhere.

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