PerfectDisk 12 Coming Soon

We’re excited to announce that the PerfectDisk 12 release will be coming very soon! PerfectDisk 12 takes all the things you love about the perfect defrag engine and adds OptiWrite™ – a new fragmentation-prevention engine to prevent fragmentation in real time, a new intelligent SSD optimization process, a new dynamic zone engine which drastically improves RAM utilization, plus many other great new capabilities and enhancements.

The Home Edition of PerfectDisk is going to take on a whole new life of its own. It has been redesigned with all the power of the PerfectDisk engine, including auto defrag and fragmentation prevention – but with a simple click-and-go interface. Allowing PerfectDisk to go on its way, leaving you with faster PC performance.

SmallBizWindows Selects PerfectDisk Suite as Utility of the Year
The highly-regarded SmallBizWindows blog has chosen the entire suite of PerfectDisk disk defragmentation and performance tools as its 2010 Utility of the Year. “The PerfectDisk line of disk defragmenters is impressively extensive, from defrag products for physical disks to those for virtual disks,” said John Obeto, Editor-In-Chief of SmallBizWindows.

One of the big benefits of PerfectDisk is its boot time defrag capability, which is able to defragment files that otherwise would remain fragmented. These are files such as the Windows pagefile.sys or the file system’s MFT (Master File Table). Now, a boot time defrag can be a little tricky, which is why you typically don’t see it in standard utilities. With the upcoming PerfectDisk 12, we have made significant enhancements to the boot time defrag locking mechanism. This greatly improves driver compatibility when locking drives, and leads to a much smoother boot time defrag operation.

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