A New Data Backup Tool – Acronis True Image Home 2012

Acronis True Image 2012

The beta version of Acronis True Image Home 2012, made by Acronis has been released for home use. It is a flagship backup tool. The software provides features such as online files, files backup and drive imaging. The software is available to Acronis account users who have accounts in the Acronis’ site. The tool can be downloaded after registration has been done.

The new software provides File Backup like the Acronis’ online file backup systems, with few improvements. Many minor changes vary it from the previous version of the online backup tool.

There is a newly added feature called the file synchronization. This feature helps the users to synchronize the files and folders of one computer to be synchronized with many others. This feature also allows network device synchronization, including the power to synchronize NAS drives. The files can be directly synchronized between networked computers or by the use of the internet using the Acronis online backup. This needs you to pay separately from the cost of the Acronis True Image but a free trial for 1 month is available. However, one thing that users should keep in mind is that once the subscription runs out the online Backup will stop working completely. Therefore, the trial version is not at all reliable for important files sharing.

The new version has another notable feature added to it: an E-book filter along with the files backup system. This feature is there to ensure that the e-books that the users use are backed up separately. It has added support for 2 TB hard drives. This feature also works on 32-bit operating systems that do not normally support such huge hard disks.

The True Image 2012 also has a more improved version called the Plus Pack, which includes features such as support for GPTs and EFI.

Acronis True Image will run on any PC with 512 MB of RAM and a 1 GHz processor and is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

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