Cyberlink’s Photo Director

CyberLinkCyberlink has released the Photo Director 2011. It is a photo viewing, editing and creation software. The company has developed many video tools and software in the past but this is the first Photo editor that Cyberlink has released. Though many have considered the software weak in photo editing than Adobe’s photo editors, the photo editor shows so much promise and competition as a first release that people may start reconsidering.

The editor is actually a very powerful photo-management program with also a workflow system that can be realized when the user starts using the application.

The workflow of the photo editor is divided into three stages, “Library”, “Adjustment” and the “Slideshow” section. It works much like the Adobe’s Photoshop Lightroom 3.x. The photo import function in the application is very fast and easy to use. The editor can also open RAW images. The browser included with the PhotoDirector can view files in thumbnails and show file details. Users can also use the flagging option to flag photos and tag texts with photo files.

The library functions another zoom-in ability, this ability lets users zoom-in on images directly from the total library view. There are a vast number of processes to correct photo standards if the photos are not up to the mark. The photo corrections can be done manually or by preset functions already available. The manual correction opens the photo with a pane that will let the user change tone, white balance, saturation etc. One feature is the “Adjustment History” which allows viewing all the changes that the users has made to a photo and the user can revert to any previous condition of the photo.

Though this program has a good Importer the exporter is not as well good. In addition, the lens correction is not available in the Photodirector.

Dowload CyberLink PhotoDirector

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