Keep Your Computer Safe With Panda Cloud Antivirus 1.5

Panda Cloud Antivirus

Panda Cloud Antivirus

The Panda Cloud antivirus has been updated to version 1.5 with a few new features and a reduced CPU usage.  The updates are mostly to the performance side, though there are improvements to the detection database and real-time protection.

To notice the upgrades the user might initiate a scan, when the scan is complete, the user will realize that the previous scanning times were much greater than the scanning time that was previously used by the degraded version of the software. The new background scan is another addition that will make users not even realize automatic scans as the scans CPU consumption has been reduced though it has been slowed a little.

There are now advanced features that will help users to choose what files they want scanned and which ones they do not. Though you can only stop the scanning of such file types not the exact files themselves.

The real-time protection feature, which the Panda Cloud Antivirus has always been famous for, is now more enhanced and prompts all types of transaction. This new change allows users to be less reliable on the Manual scan and according to some people, there is no need to scan the computer twice. The protection offers prompting before every malicious download and every access to phishing web sites.

The users who already have installed Panda Cloud antivirus will get notifications to update their software automatically. You can download a copy from the Panda Cloud antivirus web site.

The Panda antivirus users need an account in the Panda web site in order to use the product, so if anyone needs to use the Antivirus they should get their accounts created.

The Antivirus is mainly supported in 32-bit windows builds; however, there are 64-bit versions of the software. The antivirus is still not so well appreciated amongst computer users as it has some backdrops such as its Uninstaller.

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