Opera 12: Quick Previews Of The Future Available

Opera 12, Opera Wahoo

Opera 12 Wahoo

Most users might have used Opera internet browser before; Opera has released the pre-alpha version of Opera 12, the Opera Next is now available for download. This release is rather unstable but can provide the user with a judgment of how good the Opera 12 will be.

This new release can be used side by side with the Opera version 11.50. The 11.50 is the stable version of the Opera browser that is now available. The Opera 12 has been named “Wahoo”. The Opera browser 11.50 has had vast downloads. The Opera Next browser gives promising hopes to version 12.

There is little that has been confirmed about the new features and fixes, amongst the few that are available are Speed dial and tabbing fixes made.

Amongst the few noticeable fixes is the fix done to the Tab bar, it does not crash anymore when moving something from the appearance tab to the tab bar. Alongside that there is a glitch removed that lets the user to manually customize the speed dials. In addition, another improvement lets the windows installer on windows vista to not crash.

A few platform improvements were done. The platform improvements include an improvement for the Mac users who can open links as background tabs now.

The Linux users will experience a few transparency feature, which are newly available to them.

These are simple noticeable improvements but the next versions are promised to have internal improvements with increased browsing speed and a speed dial facility better than the previous ones. The Opera 12 will also be able to process flash more quicker than its previous versions and the list of promises go on. To see the real improvements we have to wait until the release of Opera 12.

The Opera and the Opera Next browsers are both available for 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems.

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