Sitelauncher: Bookmarking Tool For Chrome And Firefox



SiteLauncher is an add-on tool available for the Google Chrome and the Mozilla Firefox internet browsers. The SiteLauncher is available for download in most software sites. The SiteLauncher has many bookmarked records from the start; these records are the most popular sites on the internet.

A user is able to modify these records as he wishes: can add or remove according to his wish. According to user preferences, the SiteLauncher was build for the sole reason of providing instant access to a users most required sites on mere keyboard shortcuts; something an regular internet user would prefer having.

If SiteLauncher extension is already installed on your computer, you can change its themes and background color. In the Chrome version, the feature for changing theme is available by clicking the options icon. For the Firefox version, click on the “more options” button to open the SiteLauncher’s configuration menu where the options are available for changing theme.

Users may also change its position on the screen. The way users can change the SiteLauncher’s shortcuts is by clicking the “Manage Shortcuts” menu where he can access the shortcuts he has already stored and change them. To Edit a shortcut the user has to click on the edit button and redefine the URL for the site and once redefined he must press the Revise button to reassign the shortcut.

The Site Launcher also provides an “import” function. The users can use this function to import XML files that contain a set of shortcuts. This function is useful for keeping many different shortcuts and when looking for one thing the users can take up the number of sites that are related by importing related shortcuts for that site.

The Site Launcher is available for all operating systems, The Mac OS, Windows and Linux. And for all users who prefer going through many favorite sites the Site Launcher is a perfect tool.

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