ActiveImage Protector 3.0 Personal Edition – A Backup Utility

The ActiveImage Protector 3.0 Personal Edition is a backup utility for home use.

There are many tools for creating backups and the ActiveImage is one of them. The software contains its own set of tools for creating backups with a lot of other tools for managing them. Creating backups is very easy with use of this tool as it saves a lot of time and money. The best thing about the tools is that it is free and provides lot of the features that other backup tools only provide in their paid versions only. One of the paid features that is available for free in this tool is the Backup file password protection which many other developers store for the paid versions.  

ActiveImage Protector v3.0

ActiveImage Protector v3.0

Whilst creating backups the software will first ask for promotion for the type of backup that you will want to run; whether I will be a full or an incremental one. Users can create quick backups of anything using this software. Users can program it to ensure that it is not taking up too much bandwidth and also use if to backup the files in use like the shadow service. It also works as an image burner by that creates virtual drives on a computer. The software is also very quick in managing the virtual images like burning and reburning.

There are, however, things left out of the free version. The things excluded from the free version are live phone technical support, a few network options, a Windows PE disc. No software developer will give technical support unless users pay for the product. However, there is one issue that people must, which is that the ActiveImage Protector Version 3.0 is a download exceeding over 500 MB. This makes it a very large download. Also, the product will require you to register your email address within 15 days of installation.

The product is exclusively available for all Windows Operating systems.

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