Bittorrent Upgrades uTorrent, Also Takes In A New Concept

uTorrentThe Final version of the BitTorrent client, uTorrent version 3 was released on 23rd June 2011. The new version comes with many improvements over the previous, in major including a direct streaming ability for music and video files.

The streaming feature allows video files to be viewed before they are downloaded. This will help users to know what they are downloading and whether it is the thing that they looking for. Avoiding huge downloads of unnecessary content will be possible with the streaming feature.

Afterwards comes the rating system, it will assist users to knowing the rating of file from other users before it is downloaded. A very useful element that comes in assistance to inform about the best amid the type of that content the user is looking for. And many things have more than one of the same things available for download, seeing the ratings users can determine which the best is.

Next is the File Sharing quality that has been attributed to this version of the program. The File Sharing includes just dragging a file into the Content Box and sending it to the desired person’s Email accounts or their page in a social media. The recipient will have to download the content using uTorrent, and if the recipient does not have the uTorrent, he can download it with a link provided along with the sender’s file. This makes File Sharing between uTorrent users easier.

The other addition that BitTorrent had with its release of uTorrent version 3 was the chat client called uChat. uChat allows chatting between uTorrent users. The programs avails the users with the ability to create chat rooms, share links between chats and have their own friend list or buddy list.

The Software is available in both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows operating systems. All the downloads are stable downloads.

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