Microsoft’s Intune 2.0 – Beta Version Out

Windows Intune 2.0

Microsoft has made its popular cloud-based computer management solution available for beta testing. This software reached its first official upgrade version 2.0. The Intune allows the management of multiple computers with the use of a cloud. It is a software for enterprise use. It suits most small-sized and mid-sized companies and also suites companies which are large. For all businesses that use Windows operating systems in their computers, Intune works very well.

The features of Intune are to update, monitor and manage the administration of a computer. The system connects a number of computers, that is its actual job and as a result, the businesses perform remote assistance through the Intune. The software replaces the usual WSUS that most companies with Windows operating systems still use for making updates to their computers. The Intune is not good for updating but also good for providing security.  

The management through Intune is browser based. The browser reaches a private location that is much like an intranet. There is a server version installed on the server computer and there are the client versions that register with the server PC to build the cloud. The software has a very good security system. The security system only allows secure connections between two clients that let them communicate after the server approves them to do so. Also a license manager lets the server handle the licenses for the clients.

The Intune acts as a complete business solution. This solution only works on Windows-based computers. And according to the developers, it will take time before they have versions for other devices. In addition, the later releases may not contain support for other operating systems but Windows. The mobile Windows operating system will support the Intune in the future.

The beta 2.0 contains support for a 10 PC management solution for about 30 days. The beta ends after the 30 days-use period.

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