MP3 Skype Recorder – Record Skype Calls For Free

The MP3 Skype Recorder is a tool for recording conversations on Skype free of cost. The application is an add-on that cooperates with Skype to record conversations.

The MP3 Skype Recorder is a tool for recording Skype calls. Most people have used Skype to reduce their phone bills by talking to contacts for free and calling at cheap rates. Skype is a common method throughout the world for talking to other people. Users of Skype have remained satisfied with its performance but there are things that most users thought that they lacked, one of these is a conversation recorder. 

MP3 Skype Call Recorder

MP3 Skype Call Recorder

Users can find many different conversation-recording applications on the internet. But there are very few that actually satisfies users at recording conversations. Some send disturbing beeps throughout the recording that may disturb the conversation and the recording itself. Some have limited recording time – records a limited amount from 15 to 20 minutes whilst the nature of Skype calls is being very long, around a few hours. Then   there are ones requiring purchase, you have to pay a price to obtain them. Most people find it very tough to pay or do not have the money to do so. However, the MP3 Skype Recorder surpasses all of these boundaries and provides a more satisfying result.

There are conditions that need fulfillment first, in order to use the application. The recorder only works with Skype Extras. Users will need to get the old 5.3 build of Skype that has the Skype Extras option. After users get the older version, they can download the MP3 Skype Recorder. Then users have to choose the folder that they will use for storing the MP3 files and choose a bitrate for recording calls. From that point on, the recorder will record all the calls through Skype.

For Windows Vista and 7 the application will work properly. For Windows Xp and 200 the .NET Framework 2.0-3.5 is important.

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