Safari 5.1 – Another Internet Browsing Solution

Apple updated its version of the Safari browser to 5.1, the Safari is an Apple-trademarked product for browsing the internet.

The Safari 5.1 is an internet browser that is trying to cope up with the leading internet browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. The browser can do most things like the other browsers, but unfortunately lacks the popularity on the internet. Apple pre-installs this browser into its Mac computers, though the Windows users need to download it.

Safari 5.1

Safari 5.1

Some additions are included in this version. The first of these additions is a “Restore Previous Session” function. This is something long available in most of the internet browsers; however, Apple added this much later than the other developers did. After that, comes the function for a Reading List. The Reading List is a function for keeping favorite web links in a storage, all together. The last of the major developments is the inclusion of a privacy pane. Users can use a privacy pane to keep track of the history and the cookies they visited and used. Users can find it easier to delete the history from their privacy panes.

As the Apple’s step toward building an internet that has very few Flash objects, Apple included the functions for HTML5 in this release. The support for CSS3 is available as well.

Most of the features are available for the Lion OS version. The Lion OS version is different from the versions for Snow Leopard and Windows. The Lion OS version includes a sandbox and multi-touch gestures. Then there is the actual thing toward Apple’s vision of the future- a hardware accelerated HTML5 support.

The software has an even stable version than this one, version 5.0.6. This version lacks a lot of the new features but is more secure for internet browsing. This version is for the older Snow Leopard only.

The software is available for Windows Xp, Vista and Windows 7 and the recent Snow Leopard.

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