PortableApps Platform Pre-Release 2.1 – A Kit For Getting The Portable Versions

The PortableApps Platform pre-release 2.1 is the latest unstable version of PortableApps.com’s completely portable software download suite.

The suite features many options for downloading portable applications. The actual concept of portable application is that the applications are transferable. This means, users can use the applications on various computers. Users store the applications in a portable storage device then connect that drive to another computer and use the application stored in that drive. People who are working on different computers on different days should get themselves a version of this application.



The application is very useful for anyone who has more than one PC that he or she uses and a portable storage device. There is no need of installing the applications, just putting them in use from the drive directly.The suite has several features that make it a very good thing to use, and in its field the application suite stands out alone. All users, who used this software, have commented very positively and some comments were even applausive. The feature that has the most importance is that it has an application store. The store is the main-page of the application where users can get the list of available application downloads.

This page contains the list of the downloadable and the already-downloaded applications. The program divides the applications in its according to their types. Like for Google Chrome, users will need to look at the internet section. The software also comes with a in-built search option for finding applications in the database.
Also an Updater updates the downloaded applications. The Updater comes with the software and is completely usable. Even though the Updater lacked functionality in the previous versions, the updater in this version is completely efficient.

This release is still under testing and is not completely stable. However, it is usable as all the functions that it promises are complete.

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