Dolphin Mobile Internet Browser

dolphin browser

Dolphin Mobile Internet Browser comes into an already flooded market of browsers, though it is targeting mostly the Mobile Internet users therefore adding to the already existing competition.

Though there is competition, Dolphin browser has unique features down its sleeve such as desktop style tabbed browsing, an address bar which is impressively smart, bookmarks and application options can be accessed by use of space saving sidebars and a headline feature which supports gestures. The Dolphin browser is available for free which gives it a notch high above its competitors with intelligent screen space. With the other browsers the screen space was full of navigation buttons making it crammed and quite cumbersome to navigate however, Dolphine browser has a full screen mode which means no navigation buttons and more space to be used. 

This will come in handy for iPhone/iPod users when the versions to run this application has been implemented in them though iPad users can enjoy the new phase of mobile internet browsing using the Dolphin Mobile Internet Browser. By use of gestures one can easily navigate through different pages and move forth and back between different pages which is the fastest way to achieve what you would have in long and gruesome time.

The most known browser which is going to get a run for their money is iOS Version of Opera because Dolphin browser surpasses Opera’s intelligence as it uses support of gestures whereas Opera uses the conventional navigation buttons.

With a simple swipe either to the left or right, you can be able to access hidden sidebars which can be used either to check bookmarks or even configure your program options. Therefore this means that there is a new browser   in the World space for grabs and it is free to download.

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