O&O Disk Image Professional 6

O&O disk image professional 6 has arrived in the market to not only back up your data but also to boost your hard drive. It is a good initiative you should take to protect individual files and settings.

O&O has made a big impact into the computer industry with more people streaming shops to get the software. O&O disk image professional 6 is now simpler to use with no hustles. When your programs start to run, there is an option that is able to image your hard drive.

OO DiskImage Professional v6

OO DiskImage Professional v6

Good and incredible features are available in this disk image that include the control centre .Control centre gives you a graphic listing and you are able o control it  with the click of the mouse. It does not take much space on your screen because it is able to be operated in express mode. Despite the fact that there have been numerous complains about the lack of good features, the new disk image has now enabled features that come with more symbolism if not significance.

More importantly for now, there is the presence of file backup option. This means you will be in a position to select certain files and folders you wish by yourself. If you tick all the specific files and folders that you require, the next option will be to choose an output folder and from there you are free to set any options you wish. If you are familiar with the use of computer software then you will not require a lot of training to use the O&O disk image professional 6. You will not find it had to place the tools where they are required. When it comes to restoring your files with the backup option, you do have to do it within the disk image; you can do it in other formats like the BZIP2 format.

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