Symantec Protection CleanWipe Removal Tool

cleanwipe removal tool


The Cleanwipe Removal Tool is usually used to remove Symantec Endpoint Protection from your computer which has malfunctioned by either having corrupt files or conflicting applications. This makes your computer faster.

Therefore it is advised that before you can resort to maybe removing completely the software that is installed on your system, you are required to first of all try to repair using the manual procedures which is the most conventional way to try and work around a problem. The first thing you have to do is try to uninstall by going to the control panel and choose the Uninstall/Reinstall Option. After trying to do the uninstall and then reinstall using the Endpoint installation disc and it doesn’t work then CleanWipe Removal Tool Option is the only way to go, though with this tool it wipes your hard drive completely of all the traces of Endpoint Protection. The CleanWipe is available at Symantec and one is required to contact Symantec support system and tell them of the impending problem so that they may assist to solve the problem for you. However, the technicians may not be in a position to know of the Removal Tool so you can advise them to search details on it in their System internal KB, otherwise you can join Symantec forums on the internet thereby getting a response from their moderators on the issue.

CleanWipe Removal Tool is a Symantec software though it is mostly used only during extreme measures as described in second paragraph. There are other removal tools but most of them are used to cleanout Worms, Trojans and malicious Spywares or Malwares and Noise Removal Tool for audio auditing. Symantec advises users to actually use the uninstall/Reinstall options first before attempting to use the CleanWipe Tool as the last resort for Endpoint Protection removal.

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