How The Printing Industry Is Benefiting From Pitstop Pro 10 Features?

The printing industry now has a reason to smile thanks to the inventor of Pitstop pro 10. This is a new plug in that is designed to solve the problems caused by Adobe acrobat. The application is suitable for publishers and printing press firms.

Putting a book in PDF format can prove to be an uphill task. You can finish reviewing only to find that you omitted very important information. For instance, it could be the inclusion of a log or page number in the footer section. If you have the Pitstop pro 10, the work becomes very simple. You will no longer be required to put the omissions page by page. You will be in a position to apply these changes within the shortest time possible. The global changes applications in the Pitstop 10 will make everything to be easy for you. You will be able to fix pages, stamps and logos on the document. The number of pages is not important. The program also makes it possible for you to edit texts and rotate pages.

Apart from the global changes, there is also the trouble shooter that is good for PDF errors. The in focus Pitstop pro 10 is a very essential program in professional publishing. The fact that it makes use of a preflight engine makes everything easier. This makes it possible to detect missing fonts and colors. If there are any objects that do not have bleed, the program will be able to show them. The engine is simply a masterpiece to what a meaningful design can accomplish. It is able to give a report detailing all the predicaments detected in the PDf files. The workgroup manager is another amazing feature of the PitStop Pro 10 features. It makes it possible to share PDF files and documents in many users’ interfaces. As a result, you can easily manage many editors who are in one particular work station. This is very important and a must have for a publishing manager.

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