It Is Now Easy To Control Metadata With The Arrival Of The Exiftool



The Exiftool has now arrived and has been welcomed with open arms. Without a successful precedent to simplify the writing of metadata, the Exiftool now gives you the chance to not only display, but also write and edit metadata to your chosen file types.

There are many possibilities that this program has brought to your finger tips. The processing of files is now a simple task thanks to the inventor of the Exiftool. If you want to rename and organize your files into directories, the program comes in hand to help you. The only thing you need to do is to place the files respective of the specific metadata tag. This is simply a statement to bold acknowledgement of the latest technology.

The program is in a position to extract thumbnail images into raw files. The applications that you are now able to do as a result of the emergence of Exiftool are just countless. For instance, you can now retag any set of images based on the GPS track log files.

You must do everything to avert the inappropriate use of the Exiftool. Without the above complexities, the program can still be useful to anybody. Dragging and dropping a file onto the exiftool is much easier if you cannot follow the complex process. You will be able to view your metadata easily. There are documentations and numerous examples that will help you to catch up with the use of this program. Even more importantly, the author of this helpful program is available to give adequate clarification regarding the use of Exiftool. The Exiftool has a commanding utility that is very useful to you. It comes in hand to simplify the editing and writing of metadata. You can do this for numerous file formats amounting to 130. Apart from JPEG, MP3 and PDF, Exiftool is also compatible with camera raw formats.

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