TuneUp Utilities 2012

Available in mid-October, 2011, TuneUp Utilities 2012 keeps PCs as good as new. It is now easier than ever for users to fix, speed up and maintain a PC.

This new version of TuneUp Utilities provides Windows® 7, Windows Vista® and Windows® XP users with improved battery power and enhanced tuning tools. TuneUp Utilities also loads markedly faster. The most innovative new feature in TuneUp Utilities 2012 is TuneUp Economy Mode, which offers users a longer-lasting battery and less energy consumption. TuneUp Program Deactivator™, which turns off unused programs to conserve system resources, is enhanced with automatic assistance to provide users with more control over programs and performance.

TuneUp Utilities 2012 is more than just Windows® optimization. With this new version, the makers of TuneUp Utilities want to make Windows® like it was on the very first day!

TuneUp Utilities 2012 Overview:

  • Enables users to maximize battery power by up to 30 percent compared to default power-saving techniques found in Windows® 7
  • Lightning-fast start-up and navigation across the entire program
  • Enhanced control over programs to conserve system resources
  • Better performance gains than ever before
  • More intuitive with faster access to critical tuning tools with fewer clicks
  • View all features in one window, perfect for professional PC users

TuneUp Utilities 2012 – What’s New:

  • TuneUp Economy Mode: Users can use this innovative new tool to work or play on their laptop longer by enhancing the Windows® power management system. It turns off power hungry devices sooner and throttles the CPU when performance is not needed. This useful feature also increases the lifespan of PCs and their hardware components by keeping constant power usage to a minimum, which reduces heat levels.

Benefit: Users can work, play, watch movies or enjoy the Internet for a longer time on their laptops, cut energy costs, and increase the lifespan of hardware components on laptops or desktops.

  • TuneUp Utilities Settings: Users see the most important settings in one central location, including TuneUp Utilities Program Deactivator, Turbo Mode and Live Optimization. A total of 12 categories appear in this window.

Benefit: Users no longer must browse through menus and windows. All critical tuning tools are located in one convenient place.

For 14 years, the founders have worked to perfect and enhance TuneUp Utilities to make it one of the top all-in-one system optimization software choices. From the start, TuneUp Utilities has focused on providing users with intelligent and intuitive software that is powerful enough to resolve many issues with a single click.

Download TuneUp Utilities 2012 here.

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