Video Editing Is Now Easy With The Wevideo

Wevideo is now available for you. Barely two months into the market, it has already curved a notable niche. Browser based video editing is now easy and simple thanks to the arrival of Wevideo. The impression it creates is simply intuitive and welcoming.

The bell is tolling and you need to catch up with the latest video editing tricks. Wevideo is right up front to simplify the task. Thou must recognize that it is not an HTML5 app. This means it relies on different programs such as the Adobe Flash to perform its functions. Nonetheless, you must realist that it works just like the other multimedia browser content you are familiar with. You only need to upload your videos to Wevideo and proceed to do the editing. It is very helpful to use a timeline format that is similar to the usual desktop video features. Videos will emerge better with the use of Wevideo. You now stand the chance to rearrange and encrust your videos. In this way, they will emerge the best. It is now easy to include music and good sound effects. Wevideo makes it easier for you to add transitions and good graphical overlays. Rightly so, many users are able to view and edit each video project as long as they were saved under their respective profiles.

The premium model is very compatible with the Wevideo. Free users have a space of up to 1GB for storage. A free user therefore has the chance to export up to 15 videos in one month. The Wevideo watermark makes everything easier. It permits the export of 15 minutes limited to a 360p resolution. The Wevideo is now here to give you more storage and better quality exports. You stand a golden chance to collaborate with other users per project. Video editing is now an easy task if you do it collaboratively with the use of the wevideo.

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