Why Kaspersky Lab Is Distancing Itself From BSA Because Of SOPA?


There is no doubt that the kaspersky lab is not in good terms with the stop online piracy act (SOPA). It is now evident and official making this outstanding antivirus software vendor to threaten its withdrawal from Business Software Alliance (BSA).

The biggest and most renowned trade group in the software industry is the BSA. The group commands a lot of followers and customers making it the best. What has made it soar in terms of credibility and popularity is the strong antipiracy stand it takes. H0lleyman who is the boss at BSA remains positive that the bill is good. You need to sum up the whole idea about SOPA to understand the significance of the bill. This bill strives to make the work of the pirates unprofitable. As a matter of fact, the only way to deal with the pirates is to ensure that as much as they pirate, they do not benefit from anything whatsoever. They should not be allowed to profit from their theft. Holleyman insists that this is the right approach to solve the piracy menace. The only thing that needs to be done now is caution and logical approach so that all the stakeholders and the concerned people are involved in decision-making.

Kaspersky lab is a full member of BSA. The membership is wide and includes Microsoft, Adobe and Apple. Other members of BSA are Symantec, Mcfee, Dell and Intel. The only thing that makes the kaspersky lab different is its different stand concerning the SOPA. There has lately been a lot on controversial debates that are initiated by SOPA. Despite the fact that the debates have controversially mentioned kaspersky as being one of the supporters of SOPA initiatives, the facts speak for themselves. Kaspersky did not participate in the discussion. It is obvious and a surety that kaspersky lab does not support SOPA. The decision to withdraw from BSA is bold and well taken in kaspersky’s interest. The company will be making more elaboration on this stand in the next few days.

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