Capture Your Screen Content With Winsnap 4.0.1

WinSnap 4, screen capture tool


If you have tried to capture the image of your desktop, you probably know that it is not as easy as it seems. Firstly, the cursor will cause problems. Some other features may also be left out when you press the hot keys. This is why the WinSnap 4.0.1 comes as a nice breeze for those who have tried to capture their desktops contents and failed.

You may have already noticed the difficulty of capturing the contents in your desktop when using the Print Screen Key. It is also hard to do so when using an image editing application. The WinSnap 4.0.1 is a screen capturing tool that will help you solve this problem. It has a lot of options to choose from. You can now be able to capture even the shadows added to windows! Capturing the contents of your desktop is important when you want to emphasize some information. In order to do this, you will need to use different shades so that the important information is in a different shade from the other information.

Using the WinSnap 4.1.0 tool, you are now able to either grey out or blur some information to this effect. You are also able to include the cursor in your capture unlike before.

The WinSnap tool is very efficient. Its ability to delay a capture makes it possible for you to grab objects that would have otherwise disappeared when some keys are pressed. The tool also has the option of cropping the image. This is cutting out or shaping the image to suit your interests. Cropping also aids when you want to add some information to the image. The tool also supports watermarks. In summary, the WinSnap 4.0.1 tool is very efficient. It can be purchased on the internet at a fair price. For more information you can visit the WinSnap Review Page.

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