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UpdateScanner, automatic update notifier

UpdateScanner (collected from ghacks)

Staying updated on new developments on application is now easy thanks to Downloadcrew UpdateScanner. This software presents the best way for you to get newest versions of application available for you.

A sister site of Beta news gives you a better and convenient location where you can easily check software updates. The latest version 2.0 that has just been released has more important features. This program scans windows of your PC comparing the software that you have installed in it. It does this is a detailed manner flagging any software that is outdated. It invites you to visit Downloadcrew UpdateScanner website for the latest version of the application. This program is designed in an innovative way that lets it sit in your system unobtrusively going forward. As such, any moment there is a release of an update the program alerts you immediately. To make it more useful, version 2.0 of Updatescanner has more useful features. It displays a list of all newest and popular downloads. It also alerts you automatically when there is a software giveaway. This is very important when the manufacturer of this program team up with software developers to give you commercial software for free. However, this happens in limited time to let you test the effectiveness of software. This application is the best way to keep updated of the latest version even when others are not aware of them.

If you are that person who wants to access software conveniently, then Updatescanner is the program for you. It gives you updated headlines of latest software and give you access to their store. You also get an opportunity to get the software you like at flexible prices. Registered members can now get Downloadcrew, Updatescanner Beta for Windows XP or Vista. For those who have not signed up yet, they will need an account for to use it.

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