The Dolphin Text Editor Menu Now Makes Editing Your Texts Simple

Dolphin Text Editor Menu

At times you might find want to format your text document. However, installing a program’s editor might prove to be very expensive. This is has been taken care of as you can now install the Dolphin Text Editor for the same results.

The installing of a program’s editor, apart from being expensive, is also complex. This might hinder most of you from doing so. You don’t need to worry because with the release of the Dolphin Text Editor, work has been made easy for you. The program will work with any Windows application be it Word, Notepad, Excel, and Browser among others. You can make use of your application as you normally do and when you want to put some special effects, you choose the required text to be formatted, press the Editor’s shortcut keys which are control + NumberPad and the programs Menu becomes visible.

The program has tools that are very essential for starting or ending of lines. This program also allows you to deal with blank lines and other issues such as the case of duplicate lines among other things. Another feature that you might find interesting is the fact that it has options to change the case of the text selected. This might come in handy if a mistake has been made in the format. The program is also able to split paragraphs into separate sentences, count the words, lines and characters that have been highlighted.

Being as efficient as it is, the program still does not limit its functions to those. It can be installed in a USB disk and used anywhere and anytime. Even though it lacks some features that are in the advanced program editor’s tool, it is very efficient. It lacks features like syntax highlighting among other features. The program is free for personal download and 5 USD for commercial usage.

Download Dolphin Text Editor

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