The LibreOffice Productivity Suite 3.5.0


A most important part of the computer software is the office suite. New office suites are coming up and these include the LibreOffice Suite.

Most of us are familiar with just the Microsoft Office yet there are very many other office suites out there. However, when the Microsoft office is not installed in a computer you might choose to look for other alternative suites since it is costly. If you are looking for an alternative, then you can try this new office suite. It has a lot of features that might come in handy. It has all the relevant features that you might be familiar with. These are the word processor, spreadsheets, drawing tools among others. The program also has an extra database and equation formulae editor. The previous versions of this program had many problems with the grammar checker. It was slow and not efficient. The new version has however corrected this problem. You can also now control the headers and footers easily. The LibreOffice 3.5.0 has an excel program called Calc. This is a very powerful addition as it can hold a large number of files. To be precise, it can hold up to 10000 sheets. This comes in handy for those who use excel a lot. The system also has improved drawing tools. The previous versions did not have a word count. Even though this has been added to the new version, it is still not sufficient. This is because it is in a separate window which has to be open all the time if you want to keep an eye on your word count. It also has a new update checker. This checker will update you if new updates are available for your system.

The LibreOffice Suite 3.5.0 s best suited for people with Windows, Mac and Linux. Choosing a good office suite is very important as different people have different needs when it comes to office suites. The LibreOffice however tries to balance everyone’s needs.

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