Waterfox 10 – 64-Bit Browsing For Your Windows PC



Nowadays, having a good operating system is mandatory. The 64-bit is the latest addition to the operating systems and is quickly catching on.

Currently, there are many versions for Firefox but these are limited to the several channels. You can also use the several Firefox browser programs in the 64-bit tool. This operating system has addition memory and memory is very important for any operating system. Waterfox is a full based 64-bit with the best codes. These browsers are actually identical. They may differ in factors such as color and labels of the Menu Option. It is however a very nice change and you can take advantage of the new changes. For example, the improved navigation bar has a unique button which is displayed if need for its use may arise. It also has an optimized code which makes the program have smaller footprints. It also aids in enhancing the performance of the system. If you have been using Firefox, you will not find this 64-bit hard to use. You might however notice that some plug ins that you commonly used in Firefox, may refuse to work in the 64-bit. It is also possible to download the program’s plug ins from the internet. Despite these changes the 64-bit and the Firefox are mostly similar.

You may notice that Waterfox and Firefox actually have similar files. It goes to show that when installing the 64-bit, you need to either uninstall the browser or see to effect that your personal data and files are saved so that you do not lose any data during installation. The Waterfall 10 64-bit works well with Windows PC and will be a real treat to the Firefox lovers. You can download and learn more about this program by making free downloads from the internet.

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