Download Youtube Videos To Your Mac For Free Using Mactubes 3.1


It has always been a hustle for Mac users to download videos from YouTube. The invention of the MacTubes 3.1 is now available to cause a celebration delirium to all Mac users.

Downloading videos from YouTube has been made easy for PC’s users. They can do this using various downloading managers like Get Go and a Tube Catcher just to mention but a few. For Mac users, this is not the case. However, technology has come to their rescue with the introduction of the MacTube 3.1. You can now download YouTube videos for free using the MacTube 3.1. It is not complicated and you can also access high definition videos if you so wish. While using the MacTube 3.1 two downloading options will show. The first is by copy – pasting the URL to the clipboard. You should then copy – paste it on the Open Video Box. The second option is much simpler. You just have to text the name of the video you want to download in the Search box. You can filter your search results in order to remove unwanted results. Once you spot the video you want, you can double click on it to see the video quality. Right clicking on the video will begin your downloading process. A download sub – menu will show with several file options. Click on the Show Files option in order to control your downloads. This will lead to several more options. Click on the download button after choosing the desired format for your video. The video will download into the Downloads window.

Most people use the MP4 format for our videos. However the FLV, WebM and MKV formats are also good for videos. The FLV format can be converted to MP4 format using Handbrake. MacTubes 3.1 is a free downloading manager and so there is no excuse for Mac users not to install it. It can be used with PowerPC and Inter Macs that use OS X 10.4.2 or those later than that.

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