Get The Best Desktop Publishing Experience With Serif PagePlus X6

If you are looking for the most sophisticated desktop publishing program, then Serif PagePlus is the best option for you. Although it started as an ordinary program, it has now been released as a new entity to present the most innovative features.

Serif PagePlus is one of the simplest programs for use in desktop publishing. It has packages that are friendly to the user. Although it has evolved to become a sophisticated program, it has features that are easy for use by even the beginners. 

Serif Page Plus X6

Nevertheless, this program has continued to introduce professional tools which have made it rise above other rival packages such as Microsoft Publisher. In all these stages of development, Serif PagePlus has retained prices that are friendly to budgets of many people.

Its interface has also remained user friendly. Even if this program has templates that are easy for use by learners, it also has tools that a professional would need to come up with a publication. These templates include blank canvas and new release builds. These foundations are increasingly delivering important features necessary for taking this program to greater heights. Perhaps, one of the most outstanding features of Serif PagePlus is the tab for Asset Management.

This tab is found on the workspace left side. It provides the user a neat single stop shop where to get reusable elements. This shop has plenty of these elements under different graphic headings, page content, picture frames, pictures, pages and background. All you need is to click browse and see all these elements. You can simply add them on the tab for asset management then drag them to place when you want to use them on the document.

Serif PagePlus is one of the most innovative programs in the market today. Exhausting all features of this single package is not easy. It lets you balance professional publishing and printing standards using user friendly tabs.

Download Serif PagePlus X6 Here!

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