It Is Now Easy To Correct A Wrongly Typed Content With The Release Of CapsUnlocker


There are many incidents where you have typed some content in the wrong case. This is especially in regards to the Upper Case. This simply means that you have typed it in capital letters.  Most people opt to delete the entire content and start afresh. The CapsUnlocker is software that comes in handy to help identify typing errors.

Typing is really not an easy job. Most people, who have perfected the act, do it with their eyes on the screen. This will make them note any typing error easily. A majority of people however do not type like this. You might be one of them and you type quick enough but you look at the keyboard instead of the screen. This makes it hard to identify typing errors that you might have. There is software that can help you in this area. The CapsUnlocker is one of them. This tool has many uses. It can work as a caps lock indicator for those of you who do not have them already. This means that when you turn the caps on, it will show you. You can use the settings to set the time that the caps should be on. This will make it hard for you to type in the upper case all the time as the caps will go off after 30 seconds. The problem that the program has is that it does not save its settings in the INI. It saves then in the registry. Apart from that it is very efficient. It is also very small and will not take up much space in your computer.

The CapsUnlocker will come in handy when you are typing. It is also found in a portable version though you will still have a problem with this as it saves it’s settings in the registry. You will therefore not be able to use it in a different computer. All in all, it is a good tool to use and you should try it out.

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